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Up until this point, SoulsBeat has been focused on promoting the BeatBox Davis Cajon. Us guys at Soulsbeat are in the process of big changes which includes taking our focus off featuring the Davis Cajon. Now find all of the Davis info at their website as well as their FB page at
Go ahead and like their page to get all the info you've been getting here. Contact them at:

BEatBox Davis Cajon's New Site -

SoulsBeat's goal from the beginning was to be a community site. A place where the souls of cajon playing could gather and really enjoy amazing cajons and cajon playing, hence the name 'SoulsBeat'. 

Today, cajons are really seeing a boost in energy.  People from all over are starting to see the amazing qualities that this box drum really has. And not only has the popularity of the cajon been rising, but also small handcrafted cajon manufacturers with stories as interesting as their cajons. These are guys who are building one cajon at a time. Spending the time and effort it takes to make each cajon a beautiful instrument. 

Our goal for SoulsBeat is showcase these craftsmen. From their stories, to how they make their cajons, to what makes their cajons unique.  We also plan to keep that community aspect going, by including members, forums, and more. 

Leave your comment below. We'd really appreciate knowing your ideas and feedback.  

May 29/14 Blog

Daniel Ogden - SoulsBeat's Founder

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